Press Releases

Press Releases

The PR writing team at Sustain Media is comprised of highly experienced, creative individuals and has enjoyed a great deal of success promoting clients in the UK, Australia and New Zealand via professionally-written press releases: news articles that contain genuinely interesting information about recent events and that capitalise on the opportunity for marketing presented by these events. If you would like to take full advantage of the promotional opportunities that your newsworthy corporate developments present, at the same time as bringing your company to the attention of a wider audience, please call and speak to us today about our PR writing services.

The Role of Press Releases in SEO

The primary role of corporate press releases is to ensure that newsworthy information about your company is disseminated as widely as possible, enabling interested parties to stay abreast of the latest developments regarding new product releases, corporate restructuring and any other important events involving your organisation. However, press releases can perform a dual function in certain cases: spreading news to interested parties at the same time as encouraging new links from high quality sources. In short, if your press releases are engaging, compelling, eloquent and informative, they are likely to be picked up by online news channels that will make them available to a much bigger audience. If this happens, you will gain valuable natural links to your website, along with increased brand recognition resulting from the media exposure that your company enjoys.

The Importance of Using Professional PR Writing Services

While you could write and release your own news items, the DIY approach has been known to backfire spectacularly in some cases and, on occasion, has resulted in corporate websites becoming less visible instead of more visible in organic search engine results pages. The most common mistakes that inexperienced PR writers are apt to make include trying to release articles of news that are really of no interest to anybody outside of the company, using too many hyperlinks in the text of their content and putting out poorly written releases that are very difficult to read. The first two mistakes may result in search engine penalties while the third will almost certainly guarantee that your press releases are not picked up by any of the more reputable online news agencies.

Using Press Releases as Part of a Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy

Our team of PR experts can advise you when to issue a press release and when to hold off; they can also make sure that any items of news you do release are professionally written and do not contain a surfeit of back links that result in search engine penalties.

If you would like to find out how you can use press releases as part of a well-organised content marketing strategy, please call and speak to one of our consultants during business hours.