One school of thought in SEO circles follows the principle that more is always better: the more content you produce for your website the more visible it will become and the more visitors it will attract. Another school of thought, which is diametrically opposed to the first, is founded on the belief that the quality of the content you use to promote your website is far more important than the quantity. In this article, we examine the evidence for and against each school of thought, and attempt to provide an answer to what is one of the most oft-asked questions in the SEO industry.

Should You Choose a Quality or Quantity Content Marketing Approach?

When weighing up your options, you need to consider the factors in the following list carefully. Only then can you make an informed decision about what is best for your organisation.

  • What the Competition Is Doing – One of the best ways to determine whether quantity or quality is the way to go for your content marketing campaign is to look at what your nearest competitors are doing and the results they are achieving. Media companies, for example, may wish to consider the fact that the Washington Post publishes over a thousand articles a day, in the process proving that quantity can have a very positive influence on online visibility and the number of visitors a site attracts.
  • Your Primary Aim – If your primary aim is to attract as many visitors as possible, in order to maximise page views on your site, quantity, as demonstrated by the Washington Post, can be a very effective approach. Newspapers need to maximise page views in order to justify the rates they charge advertisers on their site. However, if you are creating content for an e-commerce website, you will want your visitors to stay on your site long enough to actually consider buying something, so total page views alone will not be your primary goal. In this case, quality articles that are focused on topics closely associated with the products you are selling may prove to be your best choice.
  • Your Budget – If you have a limited amount of money to spend, there is no doubt that a large quantity of budget content could provide you with more bang for your buck than a small quantity of higher-quality content. However, whether this is the right choice for your organisation will depend on the first two factors discussed above and on the final factor we are going to consider: expertise.
  • The Level of Expertise Required to Produce Quality Content for Your Site – If the market sector in which your business operates is simply too specialised for SEO content writers to produce relevant, informative articles, the quantity approach could well be your most effective content marketing option.

As you have no doubt ascertained from reading the above points, there is no single correct answer to the question of quantity vs quality when it comes to SEO content marketing. For expert advice and assistance, contact Sustain Media at the earliest opportunity.